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The SEiSMiC project (Societal Engagement in Science, Mutual Learning in Cities) helps tackle Europe's biggest urban challenges by engaging citizens, identifying social innovation needs, and contributing to future urban policies and research strategies. SEiSMiC is a support action funded under the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for research, technological development and demonstration, in the context of the European Commission's Science in Society Programme. It contributes a social dimension to the EC's Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda and supports the joint programming initiative JPI Urban Europe.
The project is implemented by 13 partners and coordinated by the Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna and Platform 31 in The Hague.
Within the project, national networks have been established in 10 European countries. Cittalia is in charge of building the Italian network that include civil society organizations, media, schools and universities, scientists, museum curators, research funders, business people and policy makers.
Website: http://www.seismicproject.eu/
Twitter: @Seismic_EU

Hate crime and hate speech are directly connected. Both have a huge impact on the victims: words are weapons for the minority groups and migrants hit by hate speech online. The Prism project aims at developing effective strategies and practices for promoting a better use of language, in order to promote a culture of respect and the consequences of hate speech.
Implemented in five partner countries (Italy, France, Spain, Romania and UK), the project is based on an interdisciplinary strategy. It combines research, best practices and training activities addressed to law enforcement officers, lawyers, journalists, bloggers, social networks’ administrators, young people, teachers and youth workers.
Website: http://www.prismproject.eu/
Twitter: @prism_eu

BRODISE - Brownfield Decontamination In Southern Europe
The project offers an opportunity to all interested procurers across EU to re- think and re-design their concrete investments and proceedings for the local brownfields decontamination and remediation plans for the coming years.
Brownfield sites typically refers to abandoned or underused industrial and commercial properties—such as old process plants, mining sites, and landfills—that are available but contain low levels of environmental contaminants that may complicate reuse or redevelopment of the land. Such sites represent a major environmental challenge, especially in developed countries that have seen the closing or abandonment of many industrial facilities in the past several decades.
In the southern Europe governments have several roles regarding historical brownfields, as are environmental regulators, planners, urban development and land use, and many holders of property rights of these soils. All this carries a serious responsibility that can drive them to assume the role of public purchaser of innovative solutions for the decontamination of soils, which can then be applied by them or by the subjects involved in the remediation. Cittalia, partner of the project, is in charge of dissemination the methods, tools and results of the project in the Italian municipalities network.
Website: http://www.brodise.eu/servlet/Satellite/brodise/eng/home

2014-2015 PROJECTS

The project is co-funded by the European Commission under the program “Prevention of and fight against crime”, which funds research and training in the field of fight to trafficking and exploitation of workers.
The contrast to the exploitation of workers in the agricultural sector and the impact of actions on the economic and social growth of the local contexts are the themes of the project Agree (Agricoltural job rights to end foreign workers exploitation), officially started on 9 January 2014 and lead by Associazione Bruno Trentin, a center for research and training initiative of the Italian trade union CGIL.
Creating a new culture of work against all forms of exploitation and lawlessness through the promotion of the rights and opportunities of redemption is the theme that the project aims to raise at European level, developing recommendations that will be presented at the final conference in Rome at the end of the project activities.
Website: http://www.agreeproject.eu/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Agreeproject/?fref=ts
Twitter: @Agreeproject

The promotion of more effective action to contrast human trafficking through better coordination between the different actors involved and the exchange of good practice is the main objective of the project “No Tratta”, who sees Cittalia as lead partner with the collaboration of Gruppo Abele and Association On The Road and the national network of Council of Ministers Department of the Equal Opportunities, University of Padua (Interdepartmental Centre on Human Rights) and the Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Ministry of Interior.
Website: http://www.notratta.it/

URBACT is the most important European exchange and learning program for cities, promoting sustainable urban development to develop solutions to major urban challenges.
Urbact help cites to develop pragmatic solutions that are new and sustainable, and that integrate economic, social and environmental dimensions. The program enables cities to share good practices and lessons learned with all professionals involved in urban policy throughout Europe.
Cittalia was the National dissemination point of the program in Italy.
Website: http://urbact.eu/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/URBACT/
Twitter: @URBACT
Twitter: @Urbact_IT

DICI - Discrimination in Cities: Achieving Change Through Cooperation
The project is a co-funded by the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Commission, that seeks to increase awareness of racial discrimination and promote the adoption of a more active role on the part of cities in reducing racial discrimination. Anti-discrimination strategies are multi-faceted and include the promotion of a positive understanding of diversity as social and societal gain. The project is focused on the local level both as a natural and necessary starting point for the effective implementation of anti-discrimination and pro-inclusion policies, strategies and initiatives. DICI is a European project implemented by Cittalia - Research Foundation of the National Association of the Italian Municipalities (Italy), IPRS - Psychoanalytic Institute for Social Research (Italy) and CJD - Christian Youth Village (Germany), with the support of UNAR - National Anti-discrimination Unit (Italy) and Deutscher Staedtetag (Germany). The project ran from January 2010 to October 2012.
Website: http://di-ci.cittalia.com/index.php/en/

BEAMS - Breaking down European Attitudes towards Migrant/Minority Stereotypes
The project brings together 15 partners from 11 different EU states working together to better understand the link between popular culture stereotypes on migrants and minority groups and discriminatory attitudes of the citizens.
The partners also join force to raise awareness and educate young Europeans to “stop watching and start seeing” stereotypes and the different mechanisms underpinning them, and to use informed and critical angles of view to break down the negative correlation between stereotypes and discriminatory behaviors towards specific migrant and minority groups.
Website: http://www.beams-project.eu/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beamsproject/?fref=ts
Twitter: @BeamsProject

Promoting tools for "diversity management" and policies aimed at social inclusion of foreign citizens and LGBT people is the main objective of the project funded by the European Programme "Progress anti-discrimination". Cittalia is partners of the initiative while UNAR - National Bureau Against Racial Discrimination is project leader. The project involves the evaluation of policies in diversity management and anti-discrimination carried out by local governments, based on studies by European and national strategic documents relating to counter discrimination.
Twitter: @DyMove

Egrejob was approved in the framework of the ENPI CBC MED under the Priority 4 Promotion of cultural dialogue and local governance. The overall objective of the project is to close skills and unemployment gap of the concerned Mediterranean basin area to enhance young and decent employment opportunities (and thus contrast the brains drain) by disclosing the green economy job potentials, with the final aim of enhance the competitiveness of the involved territories.

Website: http://www.egrejob.eu/
Twitter: @Egrejob


Osservatorio nazionale Smart city
The National Observatory Smart City was founded in April 2012 based on the political commitment of ANCI regarding the smart cities as possible reference model for effective and innovative policies at European and national. The Observatory's objective is to analyze, research and develop replicable models to be made available to Italian municipalities who want to pursue the path to becoming "smart cities".
The protocol signed in Rome by ANCI and FORUM PA aims to build a community of municipal and local representatives and the organization of co-learning workshops for cities.
Website: http://osservatoriosmartcity.it/
Twitter: @SmartCityANCI

GAIA is a project financed by the Life+ European Programme, coordinated by the City of Bologna, and involving 4 Partners: Cittalia, IBIMET CNR (Institute of Biometeorology), Impronta Etica and Unindustria.
The main objective of the project is to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at the local level through the creation of a partnership between local authority and companies to plant new trees throughout the municipal area.
Website: http://lifegaia.eu/

SuPorts is an European INTERREG IVC project which aims to assist local ports in the implementation of environmental strategies and to facilitate their access to suitable environmental management tools, enabling them to remain competitive by contributing to a more sustainable EU. The interregional partnership is led by Seine-Maritime County Council (FR), and is the right mix of policy-making local authorities and public port authorities with operational experience. Cittalia, as a partner of the project, organized the communication and dissemination events.
Website: http://www.seinemaritime.net/suports

is a two-years project funded by the EU Commission, CIPS. The project focus on Spatial Data and Meta Data Protection for the Underground Critical Infrastructures and has the objective to harmonize the ‘INSPIRE’ Directive with CIPS-Security Regulations. Cittalia, as a partner of the project, organized the communication and dissemination events.
Website: http://www.upsidedownprotect.eu/

The project co-funded by the Program for Fundamental Rights and Citizenship of the European Commission (concluded in 2011), was characterized by a cross-cutting approach in which the citizens, media and local governments have worked together to encourage multicultural dialogue within their territories . The project also aimed at encouraging the participation of Roma in the democratic process, through information sessions "know your law and your rights" addressed to them, training sessions for staff of local administrations and for the professionals in this field and the creation of participatory workshops in the municipalities, with the direct involvement of administrators and citizens.
Website: http://www.morespect.eu/en2/?s=travelling+stand&search=

Biennale dello spazio pubblico
The event is focused on policies, actions and positive experiences in the management of public spaces in Italian and European cities. Organized by the National Institute of Urban Planning in collaboration with ANCI, Cittalia, Faculty Architecture Rome 3, the National Council of Architects, House of Architecture, Order of Rome Architects with the collaboration of Cornell University. The Biennial stimulates debate on the restoration of public spaces through a series of meetings involving a number of public and private entities. Through the launch of specific competitions and call for papers, the Biennial has promoted research on topics such as the quality of the urban design, reconstruction after disasters, the disposal of public property, the innovation brought by the spread of social networks.
Website: http://www.biennalespaziopubblico.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/biennalesp/?fref=ts
Twitter: @BiennaleSP

A training and information program for Italian municipalities regarding IMI (Internal Market Information) and SOLVIT, European Commission instruments to promote cooperation between public administrations of the Member States and the rapid resolution of european cross border disputes involving citizens and businesses. Sponsored by the Department for European Affairs of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the project is implemented by the Cittalia Foundation on behalf of ANCI.

Musa- Sustainable urban mobility and cultural attractions
The project aims at strengthening the capacity building of public administration in the field of urban mobility and promotion of cultural attractions. The project identifies and tests innovative models and tools for planning local sustainable interventions, build, through the involvement of all the local actors, tools of reference (i.e. integrated mobility plans). Funded by the Department of Public Administration in the framework of the program Pon Governance in which Cittalia, Communicare, Isfort (research company Ferrovie dello Stato) and Cles (economic research firm) are partners.
Website: http://www.musainnovazione.it/

Osservatorio nazionale sulla sicurezza stradale
The National Observatory of Local Road Safety was established by ANCI and UPI to facilitate the coordination of the municipalities and provinces on the issue of road safety. It promotes the development of common strategies by local authorities in order to pursue the goals of containing road accidents set by the EU.

Anti Contraffazione - Anti Counterfeiting Programme
The Ministry of Economic Development - Directorate General for Combating Counterfeiting, in agreement with ANCI, activated and funded Territorial Anti Counterfeiting Programme. The program focuses on supporting and strengthening the activities of the municipalities in the fight against counterfeiting. This objective is pursued through local programs to promote and inform, on the coordination and monitoring of activities to combat counterfeiting and on the management of a digital data system.
Website: http://www.anticontraffazione.anci.it/

The project, in collaboration with Italialavoro, aims at improving the skills of young people in the professions of the green economy. The initiative targets students from southern Italy and women under the age of 20 and consists in promoting the knowledge of career opportunities and orienting them in the field of clean mobility for those who are about to continue their studies in the field. Cittalia will provide students from participating Universities a multimedia kit - "Mobility for a better future" – describing the experiences of people who already work in sustainable mobility , as well as tools necessary for a better understanding of these issues which are critical for the development of the city of the future.
Website: http://www.italialavoro.it/wps/portal/lafemme

English – The Saint James Way
The project, co-funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation Program, aims to encourage the learning of English language among tourist operators engaged along the various points of the Camino de Compostela. The project partners, including Cittalia, collaborated in creating innovative forms of learning through the use of ICT, as well as the promotion of good European practices in the field of language learning. The project has thus developed an English course specifically designed to the specific needs of those working in tourist facilities located along the Camino de Compostela. The course is divided into ten units and based on dialogues and typical situations encountered every day by tour operators, it was made available seven days a week on the online platform from computers, notebooks and smartphones.



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